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Minleon USA and MeshTek Partner to Revolutionize the Outdoor and Holiday Lighting Industry with Long-Range Bluetooth Mesh

DALLAS, Nov. 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Minleon USA, a leading manufacturer and importer of decorative and holiday LED lighting, and MeshTek Labs, a technology company that specializes in IoT automation solutions powered by Bluetooth mesh networking and Artificial Intelligence, today announced a groundbreaking partnership to bring innovative smart lighting solutions to the holiday lighting industry. Along with MeshTek’s patent licensing, the partnership brings complete integration of Minleon’s 50+ digital lighting products with the landscape and permanent outdoor lighting from BlueHopper, a MeshTek company for outdoor lighting that also won this year’s Most Innovative Outdoor Lighting Company award at the LightFair International. One can witness the unveiling of the revolutionary solution at the LDI show (booth #1083) in Las Vegas on Dec 3-5.

Minleon USA and MeshTek Labs Join Hands to Revolutionize the Outdoor and Holiday Lighting Industry.
Minleon USA and MeshTek Labs Join Hands to Revolutionize the Outdoor and Holiday Lighting Industry.

This partnership will transform the way commercialmunicipal, and residential properties are decorated for the holidays, making it easier and more convenient than ever to create year-round stunning and festive decorations! With Minleon USA’s extensive digital RGB portfolio of decorative and holiday lighting products, BlueHopper’s comprehensive landscape and outdoor lighting solutions, and MeshTek’s long-range Bluetooth mesh platform along with MTDMX, the Bluetooth-DMX solution, supported by 35 issued patents, customers will be able to control their architectural, decorative, and holiday lights from anywhere, using one app, BlueRoots.

“MeshTek’s and Minleon’s collaboration is leading to a rapid increase of transformative lighting installations that were once cost-prohibitive and complex,” said Mark Cuban one of ABC’s “Sharks” on the hit show Shark Tank, and an investor in MeshTek. ” The ability to control and manage hundreds and thousands of devices within millions of sqft area using Bluetooth is a milestone unsurpassed in an everchanging Technological World. The patented, long-range Bluetooth mesh is the brilliance behind the solution and the future of outdoor device connectivity.”

This partnership is also exciting news for holiday lighting installers. With MeshTek’s Bluetooth mesh technology, installers can easily create and maintain permanent year-round digital RGBW lighting displays that can be controlled with a single app.

“We are excited to partner with MeshTek to integrate our digital lighting solutions with MeshTek’s control system,” said Dean Stiteler, CEO of Minleon USA. “MeshTek’s expertise in Bluetooth mesh networking and Artificial Intelligence has enabled us to create a truly innovative and user-friendly solution for outdoor lighting with our robust portfolio of products and growing sales channels. We are confident our customers will appreciate the convenience and flexibility of the solution this partnership offers. Most importantly, all can expect resulting increased sales and profits. Inventory is immediately available, and customers can visit for our complete product portfolio. Our nationwide network of distributors spans from Dekra-Lite in South California to American Christmas in New York with many more in between.”

“The partnership with Minleon USA is set to revolutionize the decorative and holiday lighting industry,” said Swapnil Bora, CEO of MeshTek. “Minleon USA is a leading provider of high-quality, UL-listed holiday lighting products, and we are confident that our collaboration will benefit our customers with a simple, affordable, and scalable solution for creating the most spectacular year-round holiday displays, programmable with an intuitive app.”

The complete range of smart lighting solutions is readily available through Minleon USA’s network of distributors and BlueHopper’s distribution partners including Reinders, The Decor Group, and Inception Lighting. Customers can email and for specific information regarding products, distributors, and becoming a dealer in your area.

Join us at the LDI show (booth #1083) in Las Vegas, Dec 3-5.


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