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Reliable & Intelligent Lighting For Any Use Case

Transform your LED lights into smart lights with our simple plug and play controllers and app.

With over 100K MeshTek devices deployed, MeshTek is the trusted leader for IoT platform development.

Our solution is suitable for any device application. Our most successful deployments include horticulture, outdoor residential and commercial, and human-centric lighting. From OEM manufacturers to installers, we build stronger solutions with smart Bluetooth mesh technology.

Seamless & Scalable Device Control

Build a robust and reliable device network with MeshTek’s self-healing mesh technology. MeshTek’s IoT platform operates on a self-forming Bluetooth Mesh network utilizing both a standardized flooding-based mesh as well as a bi-directional, high-speed routing-based mesh. Features of MeshTek includes:

City Network

Powerful Hardware

All MeshTek lighting products, including our lighting controllers and gateways, use our supercharged MeshTek Module to support key smart lighting features across a robust, resilient mesh network.


Intuitive and
Dynamic Software

Give your users the ability to control small or large lighting networks with our iOS, Android, and web apps. Paired with the MeshTek Web Dashboard, manufacturers can quickly provide remote support services for end users.



For your IoT devices, MeshTek Team offers microprocessor and microcontroller-based IoT firmware design, development, and testing. In order to support your connected devices and smart services vision, MeshTek provides board support packages, the most advanced long-range mesh network connection, device drivers, and power management.
Mobile IoT

Use Cases


Residential and Commercial Outdoor Lighting

Agri IoT

Horticultural Lighting


Human-Centric Lighting

Experience the power of MeshTek Bluetooth Mesh for your lighting and IoT needs. Contact us today to learn more.

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