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We are your one-stop shop for IoT development. Whether complimenting or as an extension to your team, utilize our experienced in-house hardware and software engineers, and our manufacturing partners to help you custom build robust, connected solutions.

See why over 20+ commercial customers work with us to deliver world-class smart lighting and IoT solutions in the market.


With decades of combined hardware and software experience, our in-house development team is well-equipped to help manufacturers build the perfect product that meets the exact needs of their customers. We are experts in IoT engineering with a team of highly experienced engineers in embedded systems, wireless systems, software applications, iOS/Android applications, Linux, database and backend systems, hardware designs, and certifications.

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For your IoT devices, MeshTek Team offers microprocessor and microcontroller-based IoT firmware design, development, and testing. In order to support your connected devices and smart services vision, MeshTek provides board support packages, the most advanced long-range mesh network connection, device drivers, and power management.

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Tailor Made

Our in-house software engineers provide an efficient way for manufacturers to craft personalized mobile apps, database management, and customer support tools that perfectly aligns with the needs of the end user.

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Tailor Made

Sometimes standard, off-the-shelf hardware is not the right option for certain use cases. We work with our partners to develop various hardware devices to accommodate a broad range of technical and design requirements for IoT applications. Examples include:
Hardware Testing

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Our advanced and innovative IoT platform helps us jump start the IoT application development for customers to minimize the development costs and speed-to-market.


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