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DALLAS, May 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — MeshTek Labs, a leading Internet of Things (IoT) company that creates and builds smart lighting and other systems, has been recognized with a 2023 LightFair Innovation Award for its BlueHopper Permanent Outdoor Lighting.  This next-generation outdoor lighting system offers digital color-changing, real-time scheduling, multi-user, and multi-network capabilities, and more seamlessly across 50+ types of products with state-of-the-art apps.  The proprietary BLE mesh from the MeshTek Labs IoT platform provides the world’s only long-range, bi-directional network connectivity with Bluetooth for devices with built-in artificial intelligence and edge computing.

“We are proud of this award recognition of our innovative IoT platform for the outdoor lighting industry,” said Swapnil Bora, CEO at MeshTek.  “Our ability to control and manage thousands of devices within millions of square feet of areas using Bluetooth® is an unsurpassed milestone that is ideal for commercial, residential, and municipality use.”

Through their partnership with BlueHopper, MeshTek has created a solution to address the challenges faced by manufacturers and installers to achieve reliable and efficient control and networking at a fraction of the cost for their lighting and device solutions for large-scale, multi-property installations. Supported by 35 issued patents, these solutions include long-range, bi-directional network connectivity, ready-to-go certified hardware, and robust software solutions.

“MeshTek is leading the increase of transformative digital lighting installations that were once cost-prohibitive and complex,” said Mark Cuban one of ABC’s “Sharks” on the hit show Shark Tank, and an investor in MeshTek.  “Their patented, long-range Bluetooth mesh is the brilliance behind the solution and the future of outdoor device connectivity.”

In an ever-evolving world, MeshTek continues to advance technology for the outdoor space and connect people to their environment naturally.  To learn more about the endless capabilities and application uses of this system, stop by the LightFair booth #1763 or visit or

About MeshTek Labs:
MeshTek Labs, headquartered in Dallas TX, creates and builds smart lighting, and various other IoT solutions using its proprietary and the only long-range Bluetooth® mesh networking platform with built-in Artificial Intelligence and Edge Computing for direct customers and OEMs. Supported by over 35 issued patents, MeshTek is an award-winning IoT platform being used for outdoor lighting and control systems, school safety systems, greenhouse systems, and smart city solutions.

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Hardik Savaliya

Hardik Savaliya