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String Lights

Introducing our Patio Lights, also known as string lights – the perfect lighting solution for your outdoor space. These digitally addressable RGBW LED lights are controlled with the MeshTek controller, and come in 48ft and 24ft versions, with low power decorative lighting bulbs spaced 2ft apart. With the MeshTek string light controller, you can customize your lighting experience with millions of colors, numerous light shows, scenes, and real-time scheduling features.

But that's not all - our Patio Lights are also designed with durability and convenience in mind. With their weather-resistant construction, you can enjoy stunning lighting all year round, no matter the weather. Plus, their simple plug-and-play installation makes it easy to set up and customize your lighting experience in no time.

Whether you're hosting a party, relaxing with family and friends, or simply looking to enhance your home's curb appeal, the Patio Lights are the perfect solution. So why wait? Request a quote today and experience the convenience and customization options of the Patio Lights for yourself.

MeshTek® String Lights
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