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BLE H52 Module

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BLE H52 Module

The MeshTek-H52 is a world-class connectivity module that boasts an nRF52832-based design with onboard PA + LNA and a PCB antenna. This long-range module is the perfect solution for manufacturers looking to reduce development time, lower manufacturing costs, and streamline certification. Even without RF expertise, integrating this module is easy and straightforward. With the MeshTek-H52, you get a complete platform solution that includes software drivers, sample applications, API guides, user documentation, and exceptional support.

In addition to its impressive features, the MeshTek-H52 offers a range of benefits and use cases. For manufacturers, it enables faster time-to-market and reduces development costs, thanks to its complete platform solution. Its long-range capabilities make it perfect for IoT applications that require reliable and robust connectivity, such as industrial automation and remote monitoring. Its compact design and easy integration also make it ideal for wearables and other small form-factor devices. With MeshTek-H52, manufacturers can enjoy the power of innovative and affordable IoT solutions.


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