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Meshtek - IoT Platform Built on the World's Only Reliable, Long-Range BLE Mesh

IoT Platform
Built On BLE Mesh

MeshTek's IoT platform is the world’s only reliable, long-range Bluetooth mesh network, connecting over 5,000 devices across an expansive 10 million square feet, enabling seamless connectivity and communication in large-scale environments.

AI & Edge Computing

With built-in artificial Intelligence and Edge Computing solutions, MeshTek's platform enhances operational efficiency by processing data locally, reducing latency, and enabling intelligent decision-making at the edge of the network.

Self-Healing Network

MeshTek's platform features a self-healing network architecture, ensuring continuous operation and reliability by automatically detecting and rerouting traffic around any points of failure or congestion, minimizing disruptions and downtime.

Bi-Directional Network

Offering a bi-directional network capability, MeshTek's platform enables data transmission and communication in both directions, facilitating real-time monitoring, control, and feedback between devices and the central system for enhanced responsiveness and flexibility.

Patented Technology

MeshTek's comprehensive suite comprises over 35 patented hardware and software products tailored for IoT automation, ranging from sensors and actuators to gateways and management software, providing versatile solutions to meet various automation and connectivity needs with unmatched reliability and performance.

OTA Updates

MeshTek's IoT platform supports over-the-air updates, allowing seamless firmware and software upgrades for connected devices remotely. This ensures that the entire ecosystem stays up-to-date with the latest features, security patches, and optimizations without requiring manual intervention, enhancing scalability, and reducing maintenance costs.

End-to-End Encryption

MeshTek’s IoT platform provides end-to-end encryption for secure and reliable connections, ensuring that data is protected from unauthorized access.