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MeshTek 1 Channel 0-10V SLC

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MeshTek 1 Channel 0-10V SLC

The MeshTek® 1 Channel 0-10V Smart Lighting Controller (SLC) is an intuitive device that allows you to control your LED lighting with ease. With this plug & play controller, you can effortlessly interface a standard 0-10V LED driver and LED load, and make your LED fixture/luminaire smart.

In addition to its simple installation process, the MeshTek SLC features a Bluetooth-controlled smartphone app, enabling you to manage and control your lighting from anywhere. The device also comes with an embedded real-time clock, proximity/beacon support, and over-the-air firmware updates, making it ideal for smart building applications.

With its compact size and customizable options, the MeshTek® 1 Channel 0-10V Smart Lighting Controller (SLC) is suitable for a range of applications, including commercial, industrial, and residential. The device has an open-air range of up to 200m and up to 50m in enclosed spaces, providing reliable control over lighting for indoor and outdoor environments. Improve energy efficiency and reduce energy costs by utilizing MeshTek's SLC for your smart lighting control needs.


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