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Data & Analytics Platform For IoT Devices
In A BLE Mesh Network

Are you looking for a solution that can provide valuable insights and analytics for your IoT devices and lighting systems? MeshTek Labs offers a cutting-edge insights and analytics platform that gathers data from devices connected with the revolutionary BLE mesh technology which provides connectivity for up to 5000+ devices spread over 10 million square feet! Our solution utilizes edge computing and AI capabilities to generate and store data, enabling your system to make informed decisions and take action based on the insights.

Benefits of MeshTek’s Robust IoT
Insights and Analytics Solution:


Enhance Energy Efficiency

Our solution helps optimize energy usage, reducing operational costs and carbon footprint.


Improve Maintenance

Identify potential maintenance issues and schedule preventive maintenance, avoiding downtime and reducing costs.


Enhance User Experience

Provide personalized user experiences, with insights into usage patterns and preferences.


Optimize System Performance

Get a better understanding of system performance, with real-time monitoring and analytics


Increase Productivity

Increase productivity with insights and analytics-driven automation and decision-making.


Maximize ROI

Maximize ROI with data-driven insights into device and system performance, usage patterns, and opportunities for improvement.

Why We Stand Out With Our
Data & Analytics Solution For IoT Devices?

Edge Computing Capabilities

Real-time analytics at the edge for faster insights and actions.

AI-Driven Analytics

Machine learning algorithms for predictive analytics and decision-making.

Actionable Insights

Data-driven insights that enable actionable decision-making.

Customizable Dashboards

Dashboards tailored to your specific business needs and use cases.

Integration with IoT Devices

Seamlessly integrates with a wide range of IoT devices and systems.

Data Visualization

 Interactive visualizations that enable easy data exploration and discovery.

Alerting and Notifications

Real-time alerts and notifications for critical events and anomalies.

Scalability and Security

Scalable and secure infrastructure that can handle large amounts of data from upto 5000+ devices.

API-First Approach

API-first design for easy integration with your existing systems and workflows.

About MeshTek Labs

Meshtek is a leading provider of cutting-edge lighting and IoT devices connectivity with the worlds only reliable, long-range BLE Mesh network.. We specialize in edge computing and AI-driven insights and analytics for a wide range of industries and applications. Our team of experts has decades of experience in IoT and data analytics, and we pride ourselves on delivering custom solutions that meet our clients’ specific needs. What sets us apart is our commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. We strive to build long-term relationships with our clients, helping them achieve their business goals through data-driven insights and analytics.

Experience the power of MeshTek Bluetooth Mesh for your lighting and IoT needs. Contact us today to learn more.

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